EISA is one of the leading companies in the Indian Elevator industry.

We develop, manufacture, install, modernize and service elevators.

EISA Lifts Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1995.

EISA supplies a good number of new elevators annually and services almost the same number of elevators.

EISA is a service company: maintenance and modernization business accounts for more than half of net sales.

EISA's field professionals are dedicated to ensuring that our customers' elevators are safe and reliable.

Our service centers are open 24-hours a day, ready to solve any problems at a moment's notice.

Close cooperation with customers, Effective alliances and a flexible & constantly improving product development culture is the hallmark of EISA.

EISA provides architects, developers and building owners with products and services that provide convenience and increase the value of their buildings over time.

EISA cooperates closely with customers from the earliest planning stages of projects.

EISA work closely together with its clients to create elevators that are ideally suited for handling passenger and freight traffic on their premises.

Product research and development are carried out in cooperation with different customer requirements and independent EISA research. We actively monitor what happens in our industry to ensure our clients get the best possible solutions.

EISA's strong emphasis on Technical Training ensure relevant and latest technical training for EISA sales, service and customer service personnel.

EISA has created procedures and a work culture for the continuous development of process and product quality in all areas of interest.

The objective is to recognize client expectations and demands and ensure that they are met during all phases of business.

High Quality development efforts boost our competitiveness and open the way for constant replacement of old methods of working in a rapidly changing business environment