Before Comparing our Offer with other competitors please note that We are offering you the following Standardize level of Quality of Material.

1. We strictly follow all I.S. Specifications or EN81 of lift installation and maintainance as we have also the reputed clients like Nuclear Power Corporation , Rites Limited , and other various private and government organization whom we install and maintain their Elevators.

2. All the mild steel mainly used are either Tata , Sail, Vizag , strictly follows IS specifications without compromising at safety Level. All welding work are accomplish by CO2 Assisted MIG WELDING for oxidation free joints to achieve higher strength and safety.

3. All the Stainless steel are directly purchase from HIGH GRADE STEEL OF PRIME QUALITY without any compromising in quality , looks and long life and better service.

4. All the switchgear and other Electrical Product strictly from the Schinder Electric(France) or SEIMENS (Germany)and HV connectors from PHOENIX (Germany) with all international Standards and approval.

5. We are offering you World Latest advance serial controller with single wire technology based control system exporting to other countries which highly reduce the lift wiring are highly Reliable and almost zero down time without much aging.

6. The display we are offering are Dot matrix (15*28) screen which not only display floor information and direction on every floor and Car but it also display current status of Lifts Like door open , Emergency Stop, Lift Performing Auto Rescue , lift moving etc.

7. We are offering you floor Announcement with or Without Music and Arrival arrow Indicator with Arrival Gong at Every Floor which and control will be Fully Collective and Selective.

8. All our Floor operating Plates and Car operating Plates will be 2mm thick stainless steel Mirror Finish plates tested and Tough enough for Public environment and Good looking.

9. Our Lift cabin will be fully Isolated with Rubber Pads for Minimum Noise and silence Inside The Car During Running with all sheet metal platform for better dimensional accuracy.

10. Emergency Alarm are Operated through separate Rechargeable batteries and no need to change them frequently which are normally in client scopes

11. We are offering you Highly Reliable electronically controlled Auto Rescue Device (ARD) System which not only sense the phase loss and pin point the lowest and Highest Voltage Level where ARD to be activated without Failure and prevent passenger trap.

12. We Use only Dedicated Elevator Drive with safe Torque Disable as per EN60204-1 (no other Drive) for Best Running Performance , Long Life and power Saving From either (L1000A) Yaskawa Japan OR Emerson’s ES series (Elevator Solution) from control technique U.K.

13. The System is fully Proof to High Voltage it Disconnect the Main Power to drive avoid costly breakdown of MAIN MOTOR drive unit .

14. All the wiring used are copper FR from Phenolex or LAPP (Germany) or similar High quality Wire for High voltage wiring except for trailing cable.

15. Non touchable 96 beam door sensor for quick response and quick retrieval or doors

16. The Main hoisting machine is from Montanari (Italy), KDS, TORIN , SHARP

17. The traction wire Ropes strictly to be used are from Usha Martin ( passenger elevator ropes ) and always rated above IS SPECIFICATION safety factor .for a successful