In its endeavor to educate clients and general populace, Eisa Lifts Pvt. Ltd. has developed this section to present the technical details of our elevators.

We believe this section will also prove beneficial to Engineers and other Technical persons of the Elevator industry.

The two important parts of this section are:

« Civil Dimensions
« Control Systems

Click on the links below to view the Civil Dimensions of that type of elevator.

« Civil Dimensions of Passenger Elevator
« Civil Dimensions of Hospital Elevator
« Civil Dimensions of Freight Elevator
« Civil Dimensions of DumbWaiter

Control Systems for all type of Elevators can be broadly divided into four types namely

Single Speed [1-Speed three-phase motor]
2S [2-Speed three-phase motor]
2S V [2-Speed three-phase motor variable voltage control]
V3F [1-Speed three-phase motor for control with static frequency converter]

A comparison table that explains the working of the four Control Systems is given here.

An elevator is a carefully assembled piece-of-technical brilliance with a number of different part. The heart of an elevator is the ELEVATOR MACHINERY.
EISA Lifts Pvt. Ltd. uses the following machineries in its elevators:

ME-5 [350 Kg Machinery]
ME-6 [410 Kg Machinery]
ME-8 [550 Kg Machinery]
ME-10 [690 Kg Machinery]
ME-13 [900 Kg Machinery]

The comparison chart for the complete range of Machineries used is available here. Click and view.
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